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Protection of the environment and climate and acceptance of social responsibility have been an integral part of our corporate strategy for a long time, and they both shape our managers’ and employees’ day-to-day-work. As a key player in the plastics industry we have taken part in industry discussions for years, and we are continuing ongoing work in this area through constant dialogue with other stakeholders. Pursuing sustainable goals resolutely and achieving them successfully requires solid foundations characterised by efficient structures, a strong network and target-orientated actions. Skills which our company has already been excelling in for over 55 years. As a medium-size family-run company we think in generations and always act with the long-term perspective in mind.

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We welcome our responsibility.Environment

Protection of the environment and resources is a matter of great importance for us. Through innovative energy management we achieve high environmental standards. What is more, all employees aim to achieve the same goal in their own area of work: constant impact reduction on the environment and our climate.


We welcome our responsibility.Sustainability

Beyond just for the one day

We are aiming at long-term success; for both our enterprise and our clients. Good customer relations and long-term business relationships based on mutual trust are key to us.


We welcome our responsibility.Compliance

In line with its increasing importance in society, we are also concerned with the subject of “compliance”.  We have developed standards to guide our actions which conform with legislation in our dealings with customers, partners and employees alike.


We welcome our responsibility.Commitment

We are involved!

Our enterprise is embedded in a social and cultural context. From this arises the task of social commitment. The enterprise, the owner’s family and the employees meet this responsibility through their activities in a multitude of ways.

SPIES key sustainability goals

01Guaranteeing the flawless production and supply of foodstuffs packaging based on a comprehensive quality management system.
02Reducing environmental impact by using a modern technology park and a well-established energy management system.
03Continuously improving the packaging we produce, with a focus on a high level of recyclability. All SPIES products are already fully recyclable.
04Accepting social responsibility by providing continuous training for employees, reinforcing occupational health and safety and supporting social projects.

Processes and products

As a plastics processing company, we are well aware of our responsibility towards the environment. It is for this reason that we have consistently based our actions on economic and environmental criteria for many years, and combine them to create an effective, integrated process. This way, we can ensure that sustainability is part of the entire value chain at SPIES.


Recyclability of 100%

For a functioning and sustainable recycling economy, it is already necessary to consider the recyclability of packaging during article development. The key word here: Design for Recycling! The independent institute cyclos-HTP has now officially confirmed what we have been working on for decades: Our packaging is 100% recyclable. The packaging checked by the cyclos-HTP Institute symbolically represents over 95% of all packaging produced by SPIES. Further information can be found in the test report and certificate from the cyclos-HTP Institute.

Certificate SPIES ice packaging
Test report SPIES ice packaging

Taking social responsibility

As a family-run company, we value each individual for who they are and place great value on successfully combining a pleasant working environment with good training — for everyone. Our responsibility extends much further than the period of time spent working for our company. Ultimately, SPIES is an important employer and economic factor for the city of Melle and the surrounding area. In turn, we are proud of our heritage and location. That’s why it is so important to us to remain committed to the local area — where we can always keep an eye on its future and global connections. It is for this reason that we are not just involved in local social projects but in environmental protection and nature conversation too.


BOUND BY OUR STANDARDS. Setting an example.

“As a medium-sized family company, the issue of sustainability is in our DNA.We are committed to the people, the environment and the region.”

Talking to each other.

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