Advising and Exchanging Ideas.

Everything revolves around you and your product.  We listen to your every word and take up the challenge swiftly and comprehensively.  On this basis we advise you personally – both about the packaging as well as the manufacture of the tools.  One project, one point of contact: competence with time and a wealth of experience.


Flexibility and Speed.

Being able to react rapidly and flexibly to short-term developments and ever-changing demands is an important factor in the field of consumer goods. We translate your requirements into the possible: manufacture and just-in-time logistics. Through a large number of flexible plants, which can be converted if necessary. Through automated processes and high-rack storage systems you set yourself apart from your competitors: with unbeatable reaction capability!

Price and performance.

The price is important, the performance too. Ideally both are in perfect balance. That is how it is with us. And that says it all.


Confidentiality and reliability.

It is a good feeling to be able to rely on someone. We handle your product ideas and your data with absolute confidentiality. Production takes place automatically and precisely, at independent sites. Delivery takes place reliably and on schedule. We are there for you whenever you need us. That is a promise!

Warehouse logistics and availability.

Today logistical processes are highly complex and demanding.  We keep the overview: fully automated high-rack warehouse systems, intelligent software and reliable employees support us in this. Your benefit: flexibility and reliability.


Talking to each other.

What would you like to know?

Whether it’s about the enterprise, production, one of your product ideas or…?

All you need to do is ask us! We’re looking forward to an interesting discussion with you!




Philipp RichterHead of Sales & Customer Experience

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