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To ensure early, qualitative optimisation of the series technology in the development phase of the tools, we rely on the production of precise prototypes. The result: shorter development phases with, at the same time, the best possible precision for series production.

Our in-house 3D printer allows for very short reaction time. In addition, we provide – depending on the requirements regarding material, colour and quantities – various processes for prototype production: laser sintering (SLS), stereo-lithography (STL) and vacuum casting injection moulding.

For optimal design of the series tools, we rely on a combination of many years of experience and state-of-the-art simulation tools. Right at the start of a project, we determine and optimise the filling characteristics of the melt and – by taking into account the cooling of the tool – the resulting shrinkage and warping of the component. This procedure saves several change loops in tool production. Throughput time is drastically reduced and - as early as during first sampling – we get very near to the optimal result.  Mechanical problem areas (such as the breakage of the packaging in drop tests) are minimised thanks to computer-aided calculation methods (FEM calculation).  All in all, we deliver the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

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