The FUTURE Art of Packaging

Will plastic packaging still exist in the future? What demands will the market and digitalisation place on the packaging of the future? Can plastic packaging be sustainable at all? Together with 150 guests, SPIES sought answers, presented solutions and discussed a lot, about circular economy, alternative plastics, barcodes in labels and new supermarket concepts from Asia. There was also a look behind the scenes at SPIES Packaging: The programme was accompanied by informative factory tours through the most modern injection moulding plant for food packaging in Europe, our Plant 3. In keeping with Packaging Day 2019, it was a very successful, important and informative event.Be inspired by the photos and presentations of the day. Come to us and let us design the packaging of the future together! We are looking forward to it!

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Christof Spies (SPIES Packaging)

Christof Spies, the Managing Director at SPIES is a passionate tool maker and injection moulder as well as a self-confessed fan of both the Wacken Open Air Festival and FC Bayern.


Thomas Reiner (Berndt+Partner GmbH)

“A modern society focussed on the division of labour is not possible without packaging materials!” Dipl.-Ing Thomas Reiner is a founder member and the responsible CEO of the Berndt+Partner Group. The father of 8 has been in this business for over 25 years consulting enterprises of the entire value-added chain on the topics of packaging and brands.


Philip Knapen (Borealis Group)

“Today’s waste is tomorrow’s raw material.” 27 years of experience in applications technology development in the polyolefin industry. Today Philip Knapen is a technical service manager in the field of (injection-moulded) packaging at Borealis. In his free time he enjoys sports and cycling. This is why he hopes they will become Belgian champions in the 2019 season.


Nico Van de Walle (Verstraete – IML)

As a Product and Circular Economy Manager Nico van der Walle is responsible for the Innovations Team and Innovations Centre of Verstraete in mould labels in Belgium. He focusses on product development and the circular economy of the plastics industry. He enjoys travelling and spending his free time outdoors.


Dr. Rainer Brandsch (MDCTec Services GmbH)

Dr. Rainer Brands is an internationally acclaimed expert for migration modelling and compliance evaluation of food contact materials and Managing Director of MDCTec Systems GmbH (IT Solutions), MDCTec Services GmbH (Compliance & Migration Services) and MDCTec Science GmbH (Applied Science & Analytics). In his free time, he enjoys skiing and motorbike riding.