Developing packaging High-end bespoke solutions.

Individualised packaging raises the visibility of the unique selling point of your products at the point of sale; it highlights its exclusiveness. We have many years of experience in making the special features of products visible through the use of clever packaging. Against this backdrop and paired with our love of innovation we produce attractive and eye-catching packaging designs which will showcase your products and which are, naturally, available exclusively to you.


The ideaFrom the initial concept through to production.

Until an idea goes into series production, demanding tasks interlock. Starting from a joint creative process, we check its general feasibility, define the materials, decide - for example - on the type, size and weight of the packaging. Following the development of an initial design, we produce a prototype. On the basis of this, we create a pilot tool and finally a series tool. Now production can start.


ContentIt all depends on the content.

It is both our aim and our own requirement to develop the optimal packaging for your product. For this, we first look at exactly what is to be packaged: is the product liquid, solid or frozen? Which demands on the packaging result from these perspectives eg regarding filling, transport, durability, safety, storage – these are some of the questions which arise and to which we find tailor-made answers.


FunctionForm meets function.

Innovative packaging design does not only appeal to a customer’s senses and need for information. It also provides interesting additional uses. Totally on trend: convenient, easy to use packaging - open, take out, close again – this is what today’s customer is looking for and what may turn out to be the crucial factor in their decision to purchase.


ConsultingMade-to-measure advice from experienced specialists.

As your professional development partner, we advise you from A – Z. Make use of our competence based on many years of experience and our application of know-how of the latest technologies. We think – we think along your lines – we think ahead; we think about what needs to be packaged, for whom and how? Together we will find the perfect solution!

Your benefits

    • We are bubbling over with ideas, we know the possibilities, and can implement them.
    • With us you get experienced packaging specialists.
    • Thanks to the close-links between Development, Tool Making and Production you save time, money and a lot of unnecessary hassle.
    • Our bespoke designs function as a unique sales advantage at the point of sale.
    • We make the most sense of the shape and function of your packaging.
    • Customised packaging also means: high-end, trademarked, confidential.

Talking to each other.

What would you like to know?

Whether it’s about the enterprise, production, one of your product ideas or…?

All you need to do is ask us! We’re looking forward to an interesting discussion with you!




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