IML: all done in one step!!

In-mould labelling (IML process) is the innovative labelling technology for plastic packaging. The procedure is sophisticated: pre-printed labels are placed in the injection moulding machine. This means that the labelling process takes place during the packaging production process, not afterwards. So, there is no need for a separate adhesive film because: when the liquid plastic is injected, the labels bind directly with the polymer melt. After cooling the label forms an inseparable unit with the packaging. Through this processing technology we create a recyclable single-material packaging – an important factor and one which is not to be underestimated.


Step 1IML packaging in detail

Printed and punched IML label.


Step 2IML packaging in detail

IML label pre-folded.


Step 3IML packaging in detail

IML label placed into cavity side of tool.


Step 4IML packaging in detail

IML label back-moulded in the closed tool. Merger with the labels.


Step 5IML packaging in detail

Ready-decorated part is ejected.


Process overviewIML packaging in detail

Flat label – label pre-folded – decorated item.

Your benefits

  • Labels of PP film facilitate precise quality printing in high definition.
  • Printing of labels in offset or gravure printing: depending on the conditions and requirements, the appropriate process is selected.
  • Versatile packaging design; glossy, matt, smooth, rough or non-label-look labels.
  • Partial and complete labelling possible. Largest possible decoration surface.
  • The labels cannot be wilfully removed or replaced.
  • High-quality premium appearance impresses customers.
  • Saving resources by making a final adhesive film unnecessary.
  • Packaging can be recycled.

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