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Case Study 1: Optimisation of Fracture Properties Based on FEM Calculation

Optimise the design of the supporting fins/insertion aids on the lid in order to avoid deformation and fractures.

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Case Study 2: Process Optimisation through Filling Simulation

Develop unique, eye-catching and functional packaging for dressings and sauces for catering businesses and restaurants.

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Case Study 3: Weight Optimisation

Achieve weight reduction by re-designing the lid, whilst maintaining the overall appearance. One requirement was that the new lid should be compatible with the existing filling plants without the need for mechanical changes.

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Case Study 4: Optimisation of Transport and Warehouse Efficiency

The overall appearance of the packaging was to be retained. Consumers were not meant to notice the change. The current filling line had to be able to process the new packaging without any major refitting being required.

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Case Study 5: Function Optimisation

Completely redesign the packaging using distinctive design to improve visibility of the product. Enhance the appearance of the packaging using IML technology. Simplify material planning and manufacturing flow by using a single lid for both hot and cold filling. Alterations to our customer’s filling system was not an option.

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Case Study 6: Flexibility through Standardisation

The aim was to achieve the highest-possible flexibility with the lowest possible investment.

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Case Study 7: Increased Production Efficiency

The current cup had to be replaced by an injection-moulded PP cup. The appearance and feel had to be of high quality. One requirement was that the filling plants should not be changed.

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Case study 8: Weight optimization and optimization of transport and storage efficiency

The existing cup is to be optimized in terms of its weight and its storage and transport characteristics. In this process the basic optical character, the filling volume and the possibility of using the existing filling line are not to be changed.

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Case Study 9: Use of recycled polypropylene in the form of post industrial recyclate

The round box for an application outside the food industry is to be optimized in favor of sustainability and resource conservation through the use of recycled material.

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