Everything is possible.

Whether round, oval or angular, whether large, medium or small: if it can be made, we will make it, because the looks and feel of a product or its packaging, respectively, are often the two key factors which determine in a matter of seconds product attractiveness to consumers.


Versatility creates uniqueness.

An easy-to-use seal. A pleasant feel. A unique surface. We develop the ideal packaging for your customers, packaging that attracts and impresses to the point that the packaging may be the reason for the purchase -  that is the fine art: the true art of packaging.

A wealth of materials and colours.

You can also integrate your product optically into an existing assortment of materials – from highly transparent to opaque polypropylene and an impressive variety of colours. OR, you use our products to provide a creative, striking and highly individualised setting for your product.


Talking to each other.

What would you like to know?

Whether it’s about the enterprise, production, one of your product ideas or…?

All you need to do is ask us! We’re looking forward to an interesting discussion with you!




Guido PöhlsHead of Business Development, Innovation Management

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