Tag der Ausbildung - Samstag, 07.09.2019

Zusammen mit vielen anderen Meller Unternehmen laden wir interessierte Schüler und Schülerinnen mit Ihren Begleitpersonen herzlich zum Tag der Ausbildung ein.

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The Future Art of Packaging - Pictures and Presentations are online

Great presentations, important discussions, interesting factory tours, good food - our Event on 06.06. was a complete success.

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The FUTURE Art of Packaging - Event on the 06th of June 2019

Event on the packaging market of the future, visit the shop floor of Europe's cutting-edge injection moulding plant - our Plant III, expert speakers

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SPIES is certified by ISCC-Plus

SPIES achieves new milestone in the field of sustainability.

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Nomination for the competition "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" 2019

SPIES Packaging was nominated for the "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" (Grand Prix of medium-sized companies) in 2019. This year's motto of the competition is "Sustainable Business". A motto that particularly moves the plastics industry.

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Strong Investment into the Future

These days you would notice a lot of hustle and bustle on the new site of Spies Kunststoffe GmbH (38,000 sqm) immediately to the north of the motorway on the Gesmold industrial site...

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Logistics 4.0

The speedy, flexible and absolutely reliable availability of goods is more important than ever in times of individualised consumer markets...

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