Bee sponsorship

Welcome to the SPIES family dear bees!

Last year, instead of giving Christmas gifts to our partners, we decided to support in a slightly different way and started the partnership for 100,000 bees. In each of our two SPIES bee hotels about 50,000 bees be placed this year and can start their round trips over the colorful flower meadows from there. We are happy to be able to support a good cause and these important and fascinating creatures.

Did you already know? - The 7 most exciting facts about bees:
1. A bee colony has to fly about 100,000 kilometers for one kilo of honey, and lands on 3-5 million flowers.
2. Honey bees are the third most important animal in this country - after pigs and cattle.
3. Bees cannot recognize the color red and prefer to fly to blue and yellow flowers.
4. A bee lives about 4 -5 weeks and produces about 2 teaspoons of honey.
5. In Germany there are about 40 billion honey bees.
6. Only about ¼ of the honey produced can be taken, the bees need the majority for themselves.
7. There is only one queen bee per colony. She lives up to 5 years and lays 1200 to 2000 eggs daily during the summer.