Looking into the future: SPIES Future Day - It's pitch time!

New business models, exciting product innovations and crazy ideas that offer great results, including constructive discussions at eye level - all this was part of the first SPIES Future Day on June 9, 2021. Full of anticipation for an external event and under the observance of strict hygiene measures, about 40 participants met in Melle to look behind the scenes of the innovation and future topics of SPIES.

Since March of this year, the interdisciplinary newly established future team has been working on securing the future of SPIES. "Fast before beautiful": this is the motto of the democratic team, which develops new products and business models with system according to the lean startup method. And on the first Future Day, the time had finally come and the first pitches were held. With the aim of taking in the impulses and thoughts of the SPIESers in order to develop the ideas presented as quickly as possible into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

"The business world we move in resembles a jungle full of internal and external influences and with an ever faster changing environment", this is how our CEO Christof Spies illustrated the current situation in his opening speech. "It is a matter of finding the right way through this and mastering it with all its challenges."

For the reorientation SPIES Packaging brought management consultant Lena Lührmann from VisionsAlive in Hamburg into the team. Again, not standard consulting as you know it, but visionary guidance that puts on the work gloves and switches off the classic consulting ego.  Since she has been working with SPIES and supporting the "Team Zukunft" (Team Future), which was founded as a result of the project, it is clear that "the course has been set for the future. SPIES proves that tradition and success are in no way exclusion criteria for moving forward with courage, curiosity and imagination, breaking new ground and setting one's own footprints."

A selection of possible footprints was introduced to the SPIESers on Future Day by means of five pitches and evaluated and further thought through by means of an open exchange with all participants on opportunities and risks, taking into account the jungle.

The future day at SPIES is one of many and should make the family business SPIES Packaging fit for the next generations.

We are excited about the further development of the projects and looking forward to inspire our customers and SPIESers with new innovations soon.

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