SPIES Packaging at Fakuma 2021 - Experience production of a new sustainable packaging solution live


SPIES Packaging, in cooperation with booth operator NETSTAL and other system partners, will present a sustainable packaging solution for the first time at the FAKUMA trade fair.


Produce, consume, throw away - that is the past. The future is called transformation to the Circular Economy.

SPIES Packaging and its system partners of the trade fair application NETSTAL, Muller Technology Conthey, Motan colortronic, EF cooling, SABIC, Storaenso, Engelhardt Etikett and IIC Packaging are taking big steps towards the future together at FAKUMA.

The new SPIES PC product meets all requirements - from weight optimization and resource conservation to the use of renewable raw materials. The packaging with reduced plastic content (approx. 53%) consists of a narrow plastic skeleton, which is enclosed and connected with a chassis made of PP-coated cardboard. The coating as well as the plastic seams ensure the product's durability and tightness. The design options for the label are just as perfect as for the classic thin-wall packaging, which is decorated using the IML process.

On an ELION 2200-1000, 1.2 liter SPIES PC round bins with paper chassis are produced. A pre-printed band of coated cardboard is inserted into the two cavities of the mold using IML robotics. A PP plastic is then injected via channels to fill the rim of the bucket and firmly bond it to the cardboard band. The cycle time is 5 seconds. Robotics removes the finished pails and stacks them on a conveyor belt after a camera check. Subsequently, the pail stacks are packed fully automatically into provided boxes with the help of a SMART COBOT BOXING robot.

Experience the production of the SPIES PC live and visit us in hall B5 at Netstal's booth 5217.

We look forward to talking to you about sustainable packaging solutions and possible development projects.


SPIES Packaging at FAKUMA 2021
(Friedrichshafen, October 12-16, Hall B5, Netstal booth 5217)

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