Tetra and SPIES cooperate to launch sustainable packaging for pond fish food

Tetra, the global leader in aquatics, and SPIES Packaging, a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging for the food industry, have cooperated to introduce a new sustainable packaging for Tetra's pond fish food products. The new packaging, which comes in 500ml and 1L tins, is made from 100% post-industrial recyclate (PIR) packaging and fully recyclable. This new PIR packaging is the result of the long-standing relationship of the two companies from Melle, Germany, that strongly care about sustainability. Thanks to recycling by the service provider Lohner Kunststoffrecycling GmbH and the resulting reuse of the raw material, up to 50 tons of new plastic can be saved per year.

The 100% PIR packaging used for Tetra's pond fish food products is not a novelty for Tetra and SPIES, but also for the aquatic industry. “We are really proud that Tetra is the first company to introduce such a packaging in the aquatic industry”, says Janina Garving, Senior Brand Manager at Tetra.

The new PIR packaging is the first action of the newly founded sustainability council at Tetra. “As the council we are driving, supervising, and controlling all activities connected to our approach towards a sustainable future. It is our goal to continue creating best-in-class products for our consumers and customers, while conserving resources and ultimately taking a significant step towards a sustainable future”, says Lucas Dutton, spokesperson and project coordinator of Tetra’s sustainability council.

Tetra and SPIES share a long-lasting relationship as two companies from Melle, Germany, from which the joint idea as well as the implementation of this project was born. "We are proud to work with our customer Tetra and to have developed such a revolutionary and sustainable packaging to meet a market need," said Tobias Melcher, Key Account Manager of SPIES. "Our goal is to develop innovative packaging solutions that meet the needs of our customers and also balance functionality with our commitment to sustainability and resource conservation. This project is a perfect example of how new approaches and solutions can be created and implemented from a trusting cooperation and combined expertise. With the new product, we not only meet the highest quality standards, but also promote sustainability and help reduce the use of raw materials."

Tetra's new sustainable pond fish food packaging has been available in European stores since the beginning of April. For more information on Tetra's products, visit https://www.tetra.net/en-eu. Everything you need to know about SPIES Packaging as a development partner and packaging manufacturer is available at https://www.spies-packaging.com/en/home/.

Download the press release as PDF or view the case study here.

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