Welcome to the Sustainability Space by SPIES and our first Webinar

Go Live - was the motto of last Friday at SPIES Packaging. While numerous interested participants attended the first SPIES webinar "Route to Renewables - Towards Sustainability with the SPIES CC", the new online platform "Sustainability Space by SPIES" also went live.


Sustainability Space

Sustainability meets Innovation. Outstanding packaging solutions for the future that optimally combine sustainability and functionality? Welcome to the Sustainability Space by SPIES!

Driven by the vision to create an environment for our customers and prospects where they can immerse themselves in the SPIES sustainability world and equally experience innovation and advanced packaging solutions, we may now invite you to our Sustainability Space.

As a leading manufacturer of packaging solutions, we work every day to create innovative products that meet the needs of our customers as well as the needs of our environment. From now on, our exciting products as well as many other topics related to sustainability are available for you in the Sustainability Space.

Do you have any questions about us or our products? Then use our chat function or make an appointment right away, where we can find out which of our solutions is right for you.



The launch of the "Route to Renewables" last Friday was followed live by many interested participants. Climate neutrality and resource conservation were the two big topics of the first SPIES webinar when it was said "Welcome to the 1st stop of our "Route to Renewables"".

After Christof Spies welcomed our participants in the entrance hall of our headquarters, our sales manager and moderator Philipp Richter led through the agenda and referred to the big topics climate neutrality and product presentation of the SPIES CC.

As the first speaker Marie Hühne - Sustainability Manager at SPIES - gave an insight into this big topic and its importance in the company. She reported on many small and larger sub-areas that play an essential role in the company on a daily basis and put them together to form an overall picture of the SPIES sustainability world.

Afterwards, the long-awaited unboxing of the new product SPIES CC took place under the guidance of Innovation Manager Guido Pöhls. Many sample boxes had been sent in advance to make the product digitally tangible for the participants. The benefits of the SPIES CC, as the first separable SPIES cup with a share of renewable raw materials, were presented to the participants and the main advantages compared to alternatives known in the market were made clear.

While Marie Hühne also touched on the topic of corporate and product carbon footprint, our guest speaker Thomas Stäbler from ClimatePartner went into more detail. He reported about the close cooperation with SPIES and presented the effort and benefit of the CO2 balancing of a product. The creation of such a product carbon footprint is feasible for almost any packaging solution, provides an overview of the emissions generated in the production process and serves as a basis for savings and compensation opportunities.

In the subsequent live discussion, some of the participants' questions were answered. For all further concerns, the speakers were available in the live chat afterwards.

Click here for the recording, which is available on our new platform.




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