Mission: Sustainability - Welcome!

Hello and welcome to the sustainability blog of SPIES. Under the motto "Mission: Sustainability" we will tell you about our activities and news in the field of sustainability.

Sustainability at SPIES - what do we do?

SPIES is a company that produces plastic packaging. Maybe this doesn't sound so sustainable at first. But the fact is: our packaging makes an important contribution to the protection of food. Packaging accounts for only about 3% of the total CO2 emissions of food. In order to nevertheless use as little plastic as possible, we pay attention to innovative article design with as little material as possible. Also important is the recyclability of our products, which is ensured by our mono-material packaging using in-mold labeling (IML).

As a family business, it has always been important to think in terms of generations rather than quarters, and so under the motto "Our world, today and tomorrow", we have always placed emphasis on the responsible treatment of resources and people.

What else we do in the area of sustainability, you can find out here little by little or in our new Sustainability Report 2021. We welcome your feedback and your suggestions or questions about sustainability management at SPIES.

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