Our Sustainability Vision 2025

Corporate visions help us to visualize the strategic orientation and specific goals of the company and to achieve them consistently. In our opinion, constant questioning and reviewing is also part of this. As part of the preparation of our Sustainability Report 2021/2022, we have accordingly put our sustainability targets (as of 2019) through their paces and optimized them. As we are constantly developing in the area of sustainability, our new sustainability vision should have more clarity, more definition and more transparency.

Our goals should be SMART: i.e., specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. To be more specific, we formulated a total of 9 goals - three goals per sustainability pillar Economy, Ecology and Social. We were also interested in improving the measurability of our goals. However, this is not always so easy when the structures for sustainability reporting are still being established. This is why there is still potential for us to develop here. To ensure that targets are achievable and realistic, it is important to involve internal departments and people at an early stage and to work together to drive projects forward. After all, sustainability is not something you do alone. A realistic deadline for us to achieve the goals we have set ourselves is a 2-year horizon and we therefore hope to have achieved many things by 2025.

Do you know our sustainability vision yet? You can find it here:  https://www.spies-packaging.com/en/sustainability/company/

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